Active Scholarships

The table below shows all active OSAC scholarship programs.

Scheduled Mail Date: Date packet of eligible scholarship applications is scheduled to be sent to the selection committee. Scheduled dates are a guide only and are subject to change.

Actual Mail Date: Actual date packet was sent to the selection committee.

Awd Report Received: Date award reporting form was received at OSAC from the scholarship selection committee.

Notifications Sent to Awardees: Date awardees were notified of awards.

Portfolio Coordinator: OSAC staff person responsible for scholarship program.

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Fund CodeAwd CatFund NameScheduled Mail DateActual Mail DateAwdRptReceivedNotifications Sent to AwardeesPortfolio CoordinatorDonor Type
3MWoodard Family Scholarship04/10/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
70James Carlson Memorial05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
100SEIU Local 503/OPEU Student Fin. Aid04/28/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
170Anna F. Jones04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
230Marie Mahoney Egan04/29/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
270Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
273Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
280Oregon Alpha Delta Kappa06/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
300Ray Kageler05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
310Laurie Malcom Memorial04/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
360Entercom Portland Radio04/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
370Peter Connacher Memorial05/16/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
380Harriet A. Simmons06/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
390John Paul Brown04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
410Edward Ward04/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
460Jeannette E. Mowery05/23/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
470Doane Educational Trust05/15/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
510Valsetz05/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
540Walter Davies05/03/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
550Glenn Jackson04/27/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
590J. W. Stuchell04/06/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
650Benj. Franklin - Edith Green04/20/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
674Konnie Memorial05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
710Roger W. Emmons Memorial    Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
712Roger W. Emmons Memorial04/09/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
750Multnomah County Deputy Sheriffs' Assn.05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
770IUOE Local 70105/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
784Burns Lions Club/Poteet04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
790Willett and Marguerite Lake05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
800Maria C. Jackson/General George A. White04/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
810Bertha P. Singer Nurses04/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
820Jerome B. Steinbach05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
830Mertie and Harley Stevens05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
840Flora M. Von Der Ahe05/16/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
870Alan B. Holmes Memorial04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
880Richard and Helen Cowan04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
904Stimson Lumber Company04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
930Congressman Peter DeFazio06/02/2023   Vreeland, KristinOSC
940Robert D. Forster05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
950Harland Cravat/Gray Johnson04/13/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
970IBEW Local 28005/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
980Carolyn Davies Memorial04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1030Clyde Crosby/Joseph Edgar/Thomas Malloy04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1100Mellema for Sheridan High School Seniors04/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1110Laurence R. Foster Memorial05/16/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1120Michael Mooser04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1150Nettie Hanselman Jaynes Memorial06/03/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1160La Grande High School Class of 196205/09/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
1180Amity Scholars04/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1190Madison Charitable Fund04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1200Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation04/29/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1220Edward R. Hall04/08/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1250HECC Employee and Dependent05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1280Doyle and Donna Shepherd04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1300Maurice and Gladys Hallmark05/17/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1310Harold Alfred Wyatt04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1330Teamsters Council #37 Fed. Credit Union05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1360Walter C. and Marie C. Schmidt05/11/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1370G. Russell Morgan05/11/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1380Davison FFA04/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1390John P. Hounsell05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1410Helen Bolton Memorial05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
1420Dorothy Campbell Memorial06/09/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1440Owen and Edna Sabin05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1460Leland C. and Erna N. Ratcliff04/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1520Diehl and Knutsen Memorial04/12/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1530Kelly-Ebell04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1540Corvallis High School "Class of 1954"04/13/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1550Maryan L. McElligott Memorial06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1560Brian Clayton Memorial    Connolly, CherylOCF
1590West Johnson/Elizabeth Johnson Lasselle05/10/2023   Connolly, CherylBOA
1600Marion A. Lindeman05/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1620Mildred I. Martignone Nurse05/06/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1630Albina Fuel Company05/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1650Teamsters Local 30505/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1700W. C. and Pearl Campbell05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1710John Lamar Cooper05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1720Ida M. Crawford05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1750Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission05/21/2023    OSC
1790Harold and Wilma Haller Foundation05/16/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1800Jefferson High School04/10/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1810Eugene Rotary Foundation04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
1820David Family05/17/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
1830Merritt and Aileen Truax04/08/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1840Union County Cattlewomen's Memorial05/09/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1850Helen and Robin Woodroofe04/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1860Van Peursem Memorial04/16/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
1870Olex School04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
1890Pacific NW Federal Credit Union04/16/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1910Franks Foundation05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
1920Richard F. Brentano Memorial05/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
1980Doerfler Newport High School04/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
2030Burrill Family04/08/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
2040Susan C. Hill Memorial05/23/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2070Clarlisa Branch Memorial04/09/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
2080Huffstutter Family Stylist05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2130Clark-Phelps05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2160Friends of Bill Rutherford04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
2170E. T. D. Jones05/20/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2180King City Lions Club/Henry J. Marchion05/02/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2190Leona Blum and Howard Schmadeke05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
2200Judy Straw Memorial05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
2210Harold Alfred Wyatt No. 204/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2270Gray/Todd Memorial05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
2280Oregon State Fiscal Association05/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
2310Kerdragon05/15/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
2350Beverly Lloyd04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2360Erminio and Irene Giustina04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2370Portland Police Association05/23/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2380Max W. Burns Memorial/White City04/13/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
2420Women Helping Women05/16/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2430NECA Oregon-Columbia Chapter05/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
2440Umatilla Electric Cooperative04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
2460Gayle and Harvey Rubin05/23/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2480Harry Ludwig Memorial05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2490Carol Rudy Social Science and Leadership04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2510Juanita Brown Struble04/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2540Eugene Bennett for the Visual Arts05/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
2590Mathew Mullmann Memorial04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2620Jim and Donna Moore05/03/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2630Helen Hall and John Seely Memorial05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2700Jeanette M. Crawley & Betty Campbell05/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2710Performing Arts/Medford Rogue Rotary04/07/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
2721Jeff Hull/Doug Johnson Memorial04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2730Arlie Oster Memorial04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2740Royden M. Bodley05/10/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2750Umatilla County Cattlemens Association05/17/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2760Robert J. Eby Memorial04/24/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
2790Ronald J. Hudson04/27/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
2810Mesirow Family04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
2820American Merchant Marine Veterans05/19/2023   Vreeland, KristinOSC
2890Vivian Koerner Perron Memorial04/22/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2900Geiser-Pollman04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2920A. Victor Rosenfeld05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
2934Chandler Scholars Program04/22/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
2950Patricia Hasbrouck Memorial05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
2960Gladys and Forrest Cooper05/05/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
3040Franz Stenzel, M.D., and Kathryn Stenzel05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3060Karen Kazen Neal05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
3070Ray Steinfeld Memorial04/16/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
3130Leodis McDaniel04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3150AFSCME Oregon Council #7505/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
3151AFSCME Oregon Council #75    Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
3160Robert B. and Gladys E. Lee Memorial04/13/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3170Doris J. Wipper06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3190Benson Polytechnic High School Alumni04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3200Robert Bonniwell Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3210Ross Dey Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3220Arthur and Winifred E. M. James04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3230Maxine and Inza McDowell04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3240Frances L. Morrison04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3250Thomas N. Torgler04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3260Ralph Prescott Woodbury Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3270Willard F. Case Memorial04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3281Commerce-Cleveland HS Alumni Association04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3290Margaret E. Merriam04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3310Dorothy E. Grant04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3320W. T. Fletcher Memorial04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3330Grant High School Alumni04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3340Grant High School Class of '4704/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3350Tom Jones Memorial04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3360Kevin MacMillan Memorial04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3370Myra Rose04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3380Sauber and Mills04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3390Glenna Teeters04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3400Merwin A. Cascaden04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3410Gordon Van Alst Math Achievement04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3420Peggy Dickinson Miller Memorial04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3430Marsha K. Richards Inspirational04/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3440James and Mary O'Gara04/06/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345ACarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345BCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345CCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345DCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345ECarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345FCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345GCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345ICarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345JCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
345KCarl Piacentini Memorial04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346APortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346BPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346CPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346DPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346EPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346FPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346GPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346IPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346JPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
346KPortland School Board04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
347ACarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347BCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/06/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347CCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347DCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347ECarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347FCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347GCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347ICarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
347JCarl and Dorothy E. Crow04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
3480Agnes Beach05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3500Weathers Educational Trust05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3530Ruth Arbuckle Trophy04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3540Lincoln High School04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3550Harold Sawatzky04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3560Mabel Southworth04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3570Alan Baron Tonkin04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3600Isabel and Mary Ellen Gill05/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3610Klamath Falls Lions Club04/17/2023   Vreeland, KristinOSC
3670Roseburg High School Class of 195504/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3690Roseburg High School Class of 194904/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3700Casey Diemert Memorial05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3710American Council of Engr. Cos. of Oregon04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
3750Pacific High School Alumni04/17/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
3760Northwest Automatic Vending Association05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3770T. T. Davis04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3780Sherman and Wanda Olsrud05/12/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
3800PacificSource05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
3820Gregory S. Rivers Memorial/COSOA06/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3850Paul Kergel04/29/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3864Anna and Dwight Gunther Memorial04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3870Audrey Shelley Morris04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3880Glenn R. and Juanita B. Struble II05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
3890L. Verl and Dorothy Miller Vocational05/07/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3900Earl Hardie Memorial05/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3920Oregon Wine Brotherhood05/10/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
3940Essex05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
3950Sprague Family04/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
3990North Eugene High School Alumni04/26/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
4000Salem Electric Cooperative04/11/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
4070Dale A. Henderson04/06/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4080Lilja Family04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4090William D. and Ruth D. Roy06/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4100Jefferson High School Alumni04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4110Leora Frances Brunk McDaniel04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4120E. H. and M. E. Bowerman05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4121E. H. and M. E. Bowerman05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4140Rueben and June Holm04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4150Lawrence Scholl Family - North Marion05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4160Crowley Family05/13/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4170Lillian McKelvey Memorial05/10/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
4180William Brent Anderson Memorial05/10/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4190Luther Ellison04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4200Willamette Valley Science/Health Train.05/24/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4210Barry and Marilyn Hendrix05/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4220Joseph and Helen Morgan Memorial04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4240Rollin and James Evans Memorial05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4250John Stanley Fisk04/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4270Bend Branch of AAUW Charles & Helen Weil05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4280NLN Ella McKinney05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4290Watson Nursing05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4300Marion SWCD Stan Vistica Memorial05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
4310Early Bird05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
4320Larry and Barbara Lund04/24/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4330Peggy Peterson05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4400Dorothy Heagy06/03/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4410Ernest Alan and Barbara Park Meyer06/07/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4420DREAM - Former Foster Youth06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
4430Kris Iverson04/16/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
4440Mary Weir Yoder Memorial04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4450Jim Johnson Memorial Scholarship04/22/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4460Charlie and Wilma Jensen Memorial Music04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4470Holman Family Molalla High School Alumni04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4480E. J. and Wythel Blokland Memorial04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4490Ashland Memorial04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4500Brian Conwell Memorial04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4510Howard Dreiszus Memorial04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4520Clifford "Chief" and Ma. McLean Memorial04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4530George A. Robertson04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4540Edd E. Rountree04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4550Judy Straus Art04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4560Ashland Board of Realtors04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4570William D. Mearns04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4610Sylvia Henry Memorial04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4630Paul and Alice Tustin Education04/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4660Carmen Robinson    Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4670Mike and Betty Pongracz06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4690Brooke Wilberger04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4700Candace Callan04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4720HB Design04/15/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4730Allcott/Hunt Share It Now II04/14/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4750William J. McHolick M.D.04/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
4760Harry S. Chandler06/09/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
4780Dawn Lee Jordan Memorial05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4790Campagna Family06/03/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
4800Toni Berke Foster Memorial05/27/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
4810SAME Portland Post Bud Ossey Scholarship05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
4820Lynnette A. Kelly04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5000Cornelia Valentine Murphy Memorial05/29/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5010Jack Dannenhoffer Memorial04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5020Jim and Delores Hendrickson Memorial04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5030Clinton and Mary Anne Basey04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5040Keith Foster Engineering04/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5050Olsrud 4-H and FFA05/19/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5060Ronald and Karel Bennett05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5070Don and Rosemary Pullin Family05/24/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5080Glenn and Flaurence Nesseth05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5090Georgia Harris Memorial05/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5110Konnie Memorial05/15/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5130Woodard Family04/10/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5140Jeff Turner Mike Sweeney04/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5150Tyler R. Black Humanitarian04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5170Dr. I. Howard and Victoria Fine04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5180Harold Alfred Wyatt #304/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5190Langmas Family05/07/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5210Alexis Lafferty Memorial04/27/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
5220Neil Faber Memorial04/06/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5220Neil Faber Memorial04/06/2023   Adams, MelissaOCF
5230Tom Norton Sr. Memorial05/07/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5240Ashland High School - Class of 195804/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5260Lookout Mountain04/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5270Clarke H. Carnes/Joe Ann Carnes Memorial05/17/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5280Hughes Family04/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5290Jean and Milo Puderbaugh Memorial04/15/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5300Bruce and Karin Bailey05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5310Simon Benson04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5320Bartoo/Moshinsky05/22/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
5330Jeffrey Alan Scoggins Memorial06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5340Franz Stenzel M.D. & Kathryn Stenzel II05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5350Darlene Hooley for Oregon Veterans08/29/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5360Charles E. Roberts Jr.04/15/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5380Technical Training Fund05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5390Roseburg High School Class of 195704/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5400Bill Magness Pacific04/17/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5420Wild Bill Fogle Memorial06/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
5430Buerkle05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5440Jerry and Bonnie Cox Education04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5450Children of Insitu04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5480Earl and Edna Gillis04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5490Emerald Empire Federal CU05/23/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5500Uno and Vera Richter Memorial04/10/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5510Brian T. Meehan Memorial04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5520Umatilla Electric Coop - Elec Engineer04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5540Erin L. Tureck Memorial05/20/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5550Kimberly Olson Memorial05/07/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5560George W. Lippincott04/11/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5570AFSCME (Salem) Local #206705/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5580Kirchhoff Family Fine Arts06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5590Olga Samuelson Freeman05/03/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5610Umpqua Community College Social Science04/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5650Oregon Horticulture Society05/13/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
5670Russ & Rose Otte Choir04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5680Bill Magness Bandon04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5690P.E.O. Jean Fish Gibbons06/03/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5710Oregon Spirit05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5720Farrold Stephens06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
5730Reese Family04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5740Jean Frost04/06/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5750Insurance Professionals Portland Legacy05/10/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5760Fred and Mabel Johnson05/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5770Chester and Helen Luther05/29/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
5800Howard-Bullen Family04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5810Steve Sall Aloha High School05/02/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5820Salem Foundation Ansel & Marie Solie05/13/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
5830Kiwanis Club of Coos Bay04/24/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
5840Monroe Tree Farm04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5860Phoenix Fund06/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5870Kaech05/18/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5880Donna Shepherd Nursing05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
5890Wayne Morse Legacy06/07/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5910Howard and Edyth M. Hoedle04/28/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5930McLeod Family - Dallas High School04/25/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5940McLeod Family - North Salem High School04/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
5950Josh Hieter Memorial/Teamsters Local 22305/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5960Oregon Youth Authority New Beginnings04/20/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5970NERA (North Eugene Retirees Association)04/13/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
5990Connor Ausland Memorial05/02/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6000Daryl and Patricia Swenson04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6020George Ruhberg/Principal04/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6030Corr Family05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6040Gregory A. Chaille Public Service06/07/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6050Susan and James Huff05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6060Douglas Community05/17/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6090Dr. Will Wilcut Memorial04/28/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6100Vivian Vickers06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6120Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial05/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6130Conescu-Doolin Music Education05/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6140Theodore and Dorothy Schultz Memorial05/23/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6160Estacada Comm. Foundation/Alumni Assn.04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
6190William and Florence Schneider05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6200Rise and Shine05/24/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6210David L. Massee Education05/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6220CSM James Dale Branner Faith04/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
6240Hokulani Oregon04/28/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6260Erik Nielsen05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6270Margaret E. Hull - Santiam04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6280Jim and Dianna Murphy05/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6300Reggie Sullivan Memorial04/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6310John Straus04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6320Weller Family05/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6330Oregon Albacore Commission05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6340Phyllis Cary Chessman Merit in the Arts05/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6350Fred Fields05/20/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6370Aimee K. Wood Memorial05/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
6390Home Builders Foundation - Milgard06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6410Home Builders Foundation - Jim Irvine05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6420John and Lois Stilwell06/03/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6430Madge F. and Ernest H. Bearss04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6440D. E. and Jane Clark06/07/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6450Springfield SD Architectural Studies05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6460Betty and Harold Hendrix Memorial05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6470Roberts05/20/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6520Aris D. Bishop Memorial04/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6530Mary Duby Honderich05/15/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6540MECOP Rand Sherwood06/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
6550Wallace G. Iverson Promise/Medford RR04/07/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6560Ruth Henderson04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6610Sheridan High School Alumni04/18/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6640Marjorie J. Reed "Best Friend"04/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6650Louise Minty04/19/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6670Frank W. Settlemier Educational05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6680Margaret M. Williams Memorial    Vreeland, KristinOCF
6690Tina Turner Memorial05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6710Donald R. and Norene C. Alger05/13/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6720Mirabella Employee - YES Project05/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6740William E. Keene Memorial05/16/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6750Mike and Betty Morgan04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6760Weston - Career and Technical Education04/15/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6770Liming and Ulmer Music05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6810Baker Professional Women's Initiative06/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6820Everett Hill04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6840South Umpqua Mechanics04/28/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
6850Arthur D. Ulbricht05/23/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6870PITB Frank Riordan06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6890Sweet Home Sanitation05/02/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
6900AFSCME Oregon Council #75 - William Lucy05/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6910Pearl05/05/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
6920Charles and Marcia Logan05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6930Roseburg High School Class of 195804/24/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
6940Blue Wolfe05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6950Lindsay Blackman Peters05/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
6960Andy Aitkenhead05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylUSB
6970Sharon Marie Gately Johnson05/15/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
6980Richard E. and Nancy S. Raschke Enginee.04/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
6990Chuck Womer06/03/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7010Western Veterinary05/24/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7020Daryl L. Nehler04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7030Russill05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7050Charlotte Shepherd Southern Spirit05/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7060Jessie M. Bork & Jessie M. Bell05/31/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7070Robert Bigley05/13/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7080John Mark Turetzky05/20/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7090Ray And Vivian Rudeen05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7100Dorothy & Al Cereghino04/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7110Maxine Town04/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7120Joe Town Math & Science04/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7130Matt & Doris Doherty04/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7150MECOP Leupold and Stevens Scholarship06/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7160Western Assn. of State Hwy & Trans05/13/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7170Thomas Jeremy Keep Memorial04/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7180The Schweinfurth05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7190Winston-Dillard School District 11604/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7200Mary Elizabeth Guest05/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7210TouVelle04/07/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7220Pauline & Harold Bryan04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7230My Path, Our Future: HSE Scholars05/11/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7250Kristopher "Skittlez" Butler Memorial05/12/2023   Vreeland, KristinOSC
7260Alice and Mason White Memorial05/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7270May Trucking Company05/23/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7290Oregon Head Start Assoc - Frank Roberts04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7300Harris and Myrtle Dalbec05/27/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7310Strawbridge Brothers05/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7320Charles Patrick05/16/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7330Rosa Ricco Buttedahl Scholarship04/20/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7350Klein05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7360John and Alice Dillard Memorial04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7370Aamodt Scholarship05/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7390Marcia H. Randall04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7410Margaret E. Hull - Monroe04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7420H. Margaret Kolouch06/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7430Camilla Rosefield Fraser05/11/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7450Brad and Lisa Bailey05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7470Smile Oregon05/11/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
7480Gregory M. Ahlijian05/19/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7490Stephen Yih04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7500Theodore Roosevelt High School04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7510Nadie E. Strayer05/23/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7520Barb Drennan Memorial04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7530Carol and Floyd Hayner05/11/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7540Gerhardt Family05/19/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7550Leonard & Julia Ritter05/21/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7560Gregg Smith05/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7570Roger W. Emmons Memorial - CTE Majors04/09/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7580PLSO - Sue Newsletter06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7590Elvira Behrens05/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7600Joy Zeller Johnson Memorial04/30/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7620Pat Steele05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7650Pioneer Memorial Hospital04/30/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7660Kids' Chance of Oregon03/27/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7670Trail Blazers Legends04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7680Glen and Rickie Dines Art04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7700Maple Kindness04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7710Sandberg Academic04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7730Michael Arken Scholarship (AFSCME 75)05/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7740Blackman Family05/17/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7750Jean Tesche Foreign Language Studies05/06/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7760Magnum Opus, Madden Family05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7770Cotting Memorial05/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
7780Sam Blackman Girls in Tech05/17/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7790Nanci L. Ericson Memorial Scholarship04/16/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7800Coffman Scholarship04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7810Lawrence Scholl Family - Woodburn05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7820Jeannie Haworth04/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7850Mae and Stephen Yih04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7860O'Banion Family04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7870Madison-Waldo04/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7880Behm05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7890David & Michal Wert Family05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7900Margaret Louise Hurst05/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
7910Al & Hilda Peirce04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7920Bandon Dunes Golf Resort04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7930Bandon Community04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
7940Robert and Sharon Carlisle Scholarship05/10/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7950Sons and Daughters of Bay Area Hospital04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7960Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship04/08/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
7970Jonathan Walker Memorial04/05/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
7980Ian Franc Strgar Memorial04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
7990Lyle & Helen Ostrander Memorial04/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8020Alleman Hall Creasman and Tuttle05/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8050Oregon Association of Broadcasters04/03/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8060Janet Whitney06/01/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8070Dean & Mary Gilman04/22/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8080Herron Family05/03/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8090Jodie Marie Averett Scholarship04/22/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8100LM Scholarship05/12/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8110KinderCare Kids04/29/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8120George Ferrell Memorial Scholarship04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8130Tim & Ann Straub Scholarship05/05/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8140Tiffany Phillips Memorial    Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8150Richard & Joan Miller04/21/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8160OCAC - Julia Hoffman Visual Arts05/11/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8170James D. McDade College04/22/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8180Marathon Scholars Scholarship04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8200Bob & Leona DeArmond - Crater HS04/22/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8210Bob & Leona DeArmond - Lakeview HS04/24/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8220Bob & Leona DeArmond - North Medford HS04/22/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8230Bob & Leona DeArmond - South Medford HS04/22/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8240Bob & Leona DeArmond - Tillamook HS04/17/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8260OHPD Architecture + Design Scholarship04/20/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
8270Emily Francis Huson Memorial Scholarship06/04/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8280Mary Taylor Arco Iris04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
8290Sublimity Harvest - Hendricks04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOSAC
8300Cutter Trent Loveday Memorial Fund04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
8310Jim Seeley Memorial04/06/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8330Dancing Oaks- Vera C. Waegele MD04/04/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8340David Easly Memorial Scholarship fund05/12/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8350MCH Scholarship Fund04/23/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8360Make It Happen Scholarship Fund04/28/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8370Herbert M. Kuempel Scholarship04/08/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8390Idiart Law Group04/21/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8400Deborah Fehnel Bosworth Scholarship04/14/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8410Higgins Scholarship for Vet Medicine06/09/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8420Peter & Debra Higgins Memorial HRVH04/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8420Peter & Debra Higgins Memorial HRVH04/14/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8440WOSSA Member05/10/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8450MaryLu Baetkey Parkrose Community04/21/2022   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8460DeLapp Family04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8470PGE Employees' Children03/26/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8480Mom & Dad Memorial Scholarship04/26/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8490Laura Lee Blenz/Zonta Engineering05/20/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8500Page and Alberta Shindler    Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8510Larry Pfeifer Memorial04/23/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8520Kasra Omid-Zohoor05/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC
8530Martin-Baley Family04/28/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
8540Bob's Red Mill04/29/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8550Doris and William Scharpf Scholarship05/03/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8560Kathleen Quinn04/12/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8570Jason Halstead and Robert Chapman04/26/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8580Forest Grove Boosters Bob Schlegel03/31/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8590Forest Grove Boosters Renewable03/31/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8600Forest Grove Boosters Vern Hansen03/31/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8610Forest Grove Boosters Club Vocational03/31/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8620Earl and Ann Smith04/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8630Gary and Sue Christian - Harold05/11/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8640McLain/LeSieur Scholarship Fund05/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8650Jolie's Creature Care Scholarship Fund05/24/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8660Ngo & Lin Foundation05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
8680Daugherty Family Scholarship Fund04/14/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8690MECOP Gary Petersen Scholarship Fund06/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8700Hearthstone Employees05/22/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8710Greenstreet Family Scholarship Fund05/09/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8720VJ Mclanahan Memorial05/18/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOSC
8730Gary Baumer Scholarship05/02/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8740Matthew W. Stringer05/19/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8760Umpqua Training and Employment05/30/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8770Morgan Stanley Scholarship    Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8780Adriene Oster Memorial Scholarship04/27/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOSC
8790Rainey Rural Scholarship Fund06/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8800Avel Louise Gordly Scholarship04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8810Jerry Smith Memorial Scholarship04/24/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8820Jimi Barry Education Scholarship05/04/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8840Scappoose High School Scholarship04/16/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8850Cambia Health Foundation/Paula A. Jones04/18/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8860Jake & Josh Eckstein Memorial Trade05/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8880Devin M. Brice04/14/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8890Hull-Oakes Lumber Co. Scholarship04/13/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8900ORPAC-NECA Memorial Scholarship04/11/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
8910Pettinger-Colwell-Hart Family04/07/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8920Ann C. Thornton Memorial05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8930Anderson-Pezzi Family05/22/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
8940Doug Dunbar Memorial Scholarship Fund04/22/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8950Glenn Anthony May Memorial Scholarship04/01/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8960Institute for Cultural Initiatives05/13/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8970Howard Vollum Scholarship05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
8980Verl and Dorothy Miller Subfund II05/25/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
8990Lyle P. Bartholomew Family Foundation05/25/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
9000Lyle P Bartholomew Scholarship/Loan05/24/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
9010Oregon Scholarship Fund Community Coll.06/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
9020Oregon Scholarship Fund Transfer06/02/2023   Cooksey, PeggyOCF
9050Cleveland High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9060Grant High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9070Madison High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9080Lincoln High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9090Wilson High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9100Jefferson High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9110Franklin High School Programs    Connolly, CherylOCF
9120Ashland High School Programs04/15/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
9130Medford Rogue Rotary Programs04/07/2023   Vreeland, KristinOCF
9140Crook County Foundation Programs04/02/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
9160Mabel and Allan MacKenzie Scholarship04/11/2023   Llaurado, AdrianaOCF
9170Millar Scholarship Fund04/28/2023   Connolly, CherylOCF
9180Oregon Farm Bureau Homeschool04/08/2023   Connolly, CherylOSC